Instead of using a rigid, standard rate sheet, we evaluate the individual needs of each potential client. We consider the complexity of your needs, location, your budget objectives, duration and more. Once we understand your individual needs, we will prepare a comprehensive proposal along with a proposed hourly bill rate for our services. And this evaluation service is absolutely free.


The Alpha Alliance Security’ management team has amassed decades of collective security, military and law enforcement experience. We believe in taking care of our employees and building long-term relationships with our clients. At Alpha Alliance Security, you can rest assured that you’ll always reach the same people you’ve known and trusted for years when you need us.

Unlike many security companies who send over their employees and hope for the best, Alpha Alliance Security maintains the highest levels of accountability for our officers. We set ourselves apart by deploying our exclusive team of highly trained field supervisors who visit your site, ensure compliance to procedures and provide coaching. We also provide additional training for sensitive situations, as we service clients from all backgrounds, lifestyles, and demographics.